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Khabb dam downstream view



Renardet SA's water-related expertise includes dams (flood control, ground water recharge, tailings), water supply and storm water networks, irrigation studies, agricultural evaluations, etc. The full spectrum from feasibility studies, through preliminary design, detail design, tender preparation and evaluation through to construction supervision.


The following services are regularly offered and supplied to a number of clients.



 Dams and protection bunds

 Dam safety evaluations

 Flood and storm water management

 Water resource management

 Solid and liquid waste management

 Water and wastewater treatment

 Water and sewage pump stations

 Irrigation projects

 Specialist pier review for different clients





Large dams in SalalahóFlood protection

Location: † In and around the outskirts of the city of Salalah (Sultanate of Oman)

Client:††††††† Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment & Water Resources


The city of Salalah is prone to flood damage due to frequent cyclonic and other storms that develop over the Indian coast and precipitates in the mountainous area around Salalah. This causes extensive damage to the city. Renardet SA & Partners, in association of GHD and SOGREAH is investigating the feasibility and of a number of large dams on the outskirts of the city to protect the city from these storms. The ultimate goal is to protect the city against at least a 1:200 year storm. This is being achieved through a set of large dams that will also be used to augment the ground and surface water resources of the area.


The scope of works include the feasibility study, detail design, tender process as the construction supervision of the dams.


The first dam of the group will be a composite earth embankment with maximum height of 30m and crest length in excess of 6km. The anticipated construction period is 30 months.



Siltation study for Al Askharah fishing port

Location: † East coast of Oman

Client:††††††† Ministry of Fish Wealth


Renardet SA & Partners in association with ECMA and DHI have been appointed by the Client to study the reasons for the siltation problem at the new fishery port at Al Askharah and to develop possible corrective measures.



Storm water master plan and flood protection of Muscat Metropolitan area

Location: † Larger Muscat Municipal Area

Client:††††††† Municipality of Muscat


Renardet SA & Partners was appointed with SOGREAH to perform a complete master plan for the storm water systems of the greater Muscat Metropolitan area. This included the inter city areas from Al Khoud in the west through to Qurryat toward the East. Early in the study this area was severely damaged due the devastating flooding caused by a cyclonic storm. Our project was then extended to include an emergency flood protection study for the whole area as well.



Storm water design of the Bait Al Barakah Palace

Location: † Bait Al Barakah Palace outside Muscat (Oman)

Client:††††††† Royal Court Affairs


The Bait al Barakah Palace complex is plagued with frequent flooding even during mild rain. Renardet SA & Partners had to develop a long term solution for the problem. This was done with using a combination of storm water channels, catch pits, diversion channels, pipes and soak-aways and the construction of these measures are currently underway.


Al Juwayf dam spillway