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Company Overview

Renardet SA & Partners, Consulting Engineers LLC has been operating successfully within the Sultanate of Oman in excess of 35 years now. The office has developed from small beginnings as a road consultant to a multi-disciplinary consultant. It is currently acting as the Regional Office servicing not only Oman but the whole Gulf area.


Renardet SA & Partners is part of the Renardet SA Group incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland as a privately owned and independent Consulting Engineering Group. The Renardet Group started its activities in 1952 and forms part of the larger BONIFICA group with its head office in Italy.


RENARDET S.A. & PARTNERS while juridical independent, pool parts of their organization, management, financial resources and technical staff, and are thus in a position to draw on a vast common fund of experience and, at the same time, to extend their access to an ever-widening field of technological and human resources.



Renardet SA & Partners has an adequate number of permanent employed personnel in their offices to attend to the workload.  They also have agreements in place easy access to specialists in many fields.  Most of the work is done in-house with external advisors and technical auditors to ensure quality work on all levels.  Every project is individually asset to determine the personnel requirement and is then resources accordingly.


Fully aware of the enhanced value of experience gained in continuous services with a single firm, RENARDET S.A. & PARTNERS has always sought to recruit personnel whose qualifications and abilities offer good prospects of long-term employment.


Most of the management stems from the technical side, the rest consisting of other specialties such as number of administrative and legal.  The professional personnel includes Engineers, Architects and Economists: urban and regional planners; organizational, institutional and management experts; systems analysts and computer programmers - all fluent in one or more foreign languages.  They are supported by a staff of highly skilled and experienced estimators, surveyors, draughtsmen and laboratory technicians, and by a dedicated secretarial and office staff.


The firm can also call on the expertise of a large panel of out-side specialists Consultants.



RENARDET SA & Partners sees its main role in making advanced technology and expertise available to clients in numerous countries throughout the world. To ensure an effective transfer of such technology, the firm usually forms joint ventures or associations with local consulting firms providing qualified local technical and supporting staff.


We are in a position to offer high-quality state-of the-art technology, especially in new-sector projects, where the firm is becoming increasingly active.  RENARDET Group maintains close contact with specialized international firms, academic institutions and research organizations.


In all its services RENARDET S.A. & PARTNERS attaches great importance, in its methodologies and work programmes, to the particular characteristics of each project, and to ensuring that the client's personnel are made fully familiar with the data and methods used, and that any assistance that may be required in later revisions or updating shall be promptly available. 


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