By developing customized environmental management systems, Renardet designs Environmental Management Plans and Monitoring Plans capable of covering the most diversified economic activities established in the Oman.

The rapid urge of a “green conscience” the Sultanate of Oman, triggered the urgent need for developing sustainable organizations oriented to the conservation of natural resources.

Covering the needs of the emerging market, Renardet outputs a solid and sustainable commitment with the environment, by developing plans to ensure that all necessary measures are properly addressed in full compliance with the local legal requirements and regulations.

Solid consultant for the development of Environmental Management Plans, Renardet features services that comprise:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements & Standards
  • Environmental Management Structure and Responsibilities
  • Development of Procedures and Practices
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Environmental Audits
  • Capacity Building
  • Remediation Plans

Implementation and control of the designed management and monitoring plans are some of the key steps to achieve a successful “continuous improvement”. Our expertise overcomes simple management and monitoring design, Renardet maintains an exceptional record providing environmental monitoring control for:

  • Air Emissions
  • Water Quality
  • Noise


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