Renardet has experience in the design and construction supervision of Groundwater Recharge Dams, Flood Protection Dams, Storage Reservoirs and Mine Tailings dams. Depending on the geotechnical conditions our multi-disciplinary team analyze and design Earth and Rock fill or Rigid dams based on first principles and state of the art software. Our team has wide ranging experience, consequently we are able to provide appropriate solutions ranging from rubble masonry through sophisticated finite element analyses.

From the Inception design phase to the construction management of the dams, our worldwide multi-disciplinary team combines together to deliver the most appropriate solution in terms of hydraulic performance, foundation treatment, seepage control and structural stability.

Renardet uses in house expertise to analyze and design the following engineering aspects:

  • Hydraulic and hydrologic analysis;
  • Hydraulic design / Spillway design / Energy Dissipation;
  • Geotechnical analysis and design;
  • Finite element stress analysis;
  • Global and Slope Stability;
  • Seepage evaluation and control measures;
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

In addition Renardet employs experienced Resident Engineers and supporting engineers to ensure construction is done to specifications.


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