Whether a Long-Span Steel Arch vehicular bridge or Post-Tensioned and Voided Concrete Deck Slab for highway Overpasses, Renardet bridge team is specialized in the design of a wide variety of bridges tailored for various environments in the Middle East, Europe and The Philippines.

At Renardet, our bridge team works in an active partnership with a range of other engineering disciplines within the company to achieve tailored and integrated bridge programmes that fulfill our clients' needs and aspirations. Our bridge designs traverse a range of environments, often including the wadi features that are commonly found in Oman, and therefore are a fundamental part of linking communities all over the Sultanate.

Our team incorporates diverse skills including feasibility studies, scheme development, project management, detailed design, and construction engineering to produce innovative bridge designs. Using hand calculations and closed-form solution equations, combined with a variety of computer programs such as finite element software we model our structural solutions and provide our clients with the technical expertise, support and design that can meet their individual needs.


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Wadi Hilti Bridges

This road is a Design & Built Project connecting the village of Wadi Hilti to the main road to Sohar.

Pipe Bridge

The road is about 21 km long linking between the existing asphalt road from Qumayrah- Buraimi road to the asphalt road at the end of the Hail al Khanabishah village

Wadi Minqal

Arch Culvert Bridge Structural design,Construction supervision

Wadi Hibi

Bridge Design,Construction supervision

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