The geological and geotechnical departments have a fundamental role in the design of each project undertaken by Renardet, from flood protection and recharge dams, channels, road design and supervision to environmental studies and landscape restoration.

The department of geology within Renardet provides geological studies applied to several engineering projects, from preliminary design with an accurate geological survey and mapping of the studied area considering the structural features and tectonic aspects, through to detailed design defining the geotechnical investigation.

The latter often works hand in hand with a geotechnical engineer to providing a geological characterization of the required foundations, slopes, etc. This department works with a strong connection to the geotechnical department as the geotechnical engineer needs to obtain all the geological framework of the area and geological concerns in order to perform its function.

The department of geotechnical design provides the following:

Geotechnical characterization of soils and rock, design of special foundation, seepage analysis for dams and levees, slope design, embankment dam stability, supervision of geotechnical/geophysical field work, definition of the geotechnical investigation program, geotechnical problems assessment.

The two departments interchange information in order to provide the best framework for the design.


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Design and supervision of Wadi Minqal to Wadi Bani Jaber asphalt road

realignment and upgrading of the track road to an asphalt road, construction of drainage structures, installation of concrete and steel safety barriers, introduction of emergency parking, traffic signage and road markings. A Bridge across Wadi Addah-Wadi sinaf

Multipurpose Hall Geotechnical Investigation Study

Analyse the factual geotechnical reports and provide an engineering interpretation providing design parameters to be used in settlement analysis of adjacent structures

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