RENARDET Community inspired



Welcome to Renardet Oman S.A.,

RENARDET is not just a company that designs roads, bridges, intersections and dams. RENARDET is a concept, an idea, an attempt to give community a voice in designing smart infrastructure blending seamlessly with the enchanting landscape of Oman.

We position ourselves as community-responsible and environmentally conscious organization. Being fully aware of the needs and aspirations of the local population, we strives to infuse our projects with the latest technology and highest work standards with the purpose of improving the quality of the community life.

We strongly believe in sustainability, interactivity and creativity and we see to it that our core values are incorporated into each and every project we get involved with.

RENARDET is not profit-driven. What makes us tick is the client satisfaction and the legacy our company leaves behind for the generations to come.

We stand out amongst other companies of similar profiles due to our personal touch and attention to detail. Keeping our hands on the pulse of our projects instigates us to be in the frontiers of the action, to have a complete control over our operations and to deliver successful results to the delight of the clients and company experts.

We are proud of our people. They come from 25 countries and bring with them the best practices from their professional and cultural backgrounds. Italians, Omanis, Indians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, Serbians, Pakistanis, British, German, Portuguese, Greeks, French, Irish, Philippines, Turkish work together in order to give life to a reality that has been just an illusory, abstract concept before they put their talent, vision and expertise into its design.

RENARDET recognizes the creative potential of our clients and eagerly encourages their participation and input at all the stages of the projects in action. Our sensitive and responsive style to the clients’ ongoing feedback and suggestions earns our company its people-oriented reputation.

Our management at RENARDET strives to set favorable conditions for our employees to create, to collaborate, to share, to learn from each other, to research and to persevere. The principles of peer stimulation, challenge and motivation form the basis of the relationship pattern and drives our staff to grow and develop both individually and as a team.

If you are looking for an experienced yet inquisitive, stable yet not set in its ways, mature yet young at heart, independent-minded yet recognizing the value of collaboration designer for your next infrastructure project, come and talk to us!

Truly and always yours

RENARDET Management and Staff