RENARDET our international group

Bonifica Group represents a group of companies, headed by the inetrnationally recognised Holding di Ingegneria S.p.A., that provides civil engineering consultancy services including design, construction supervision, environmental and urban planning, project management and financing. The Group operates worldwide with commitment, integrity and a high level of professionalism ensuring high ethical standards, quality and responsibility in every service provided. We provide our clients with a strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit and the development of innovative methods of solving problems, even those that are most challenging.

Bonifica Group employs over 700 professionals in more than 25 countries all over the world that are capable of responding to local requirements, supplying our clients with the resources and the technical capabilities associated with a leading international organisation.


Founded in Rome in 1961, within the group IRI- ITALSTAT, as Bonifica S.p.A. and functioning as a General Contractor of an extensive land reclamation program developed along the Nile Valley and successively in Iran and Iraq. Bonifica S.p.A. was privatized in 2002 along with its subsidiaries and went on to acquiring the control of Renardet SA, Sauti S.r.l., Bonifica Italia S.r.l. and Consorzio Stabile di Ingegneria. During 2014 its corporate name changed to Holding di Ingegneria S.p.A.

Bonifica Internationale is a permanent consortium with headquarters in Rome which combines as partners and professional skills the companies BONIFICA, RENARDET and SAUTI. The Consortium, subject to Italian law, represents BonificaGroup as a special legal figure that permits its participation in public tenders and therefore allows it to operate through its partners.

Founded in March 2009 with headquarters at Rome, with a corporate name of Bonifica Italia S.r.l. and as a company specialised in Civil Engineering. The company went on to acquiring Bonifica S.p.A. (today known as Holding di Ingegneria S.p.A.), its associated technical qualifications and projects in the Mediterranean Area, Europe and Africa with the aim of revitalising the development of the Group in these areas. In 2014, the corporate name changed to Bonifica S.p.A.

Founded in 1976 with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland) along with RENARDET & PARTNERS LLC which was founded in 1988 with headquarters in Muscat (Oman). Through these companies that are specialized in the civil engineering sector, the Group operates in the Arabian Peninsula and greater Asia. The entire company management Team is made up of Italian professionals. The company has belonged to BonificaGroup since 2005.

Founded in Rome in 1979 the company is specialized in the civil engineering field. Sauti Srl operates mainly in the Eastern European and African markets. It is a part of the BonificaGroup since 2005.